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Cooking Class 

Cooking Classes


Our Public Classes

If you’re looking for a fun date idea, a night away from the kids, or you want to learn something new, our cooking classes are definitely for you. Every few weeks, we hold a themed cooking class from pasta making to surf-and-turf to pub food—there’s something for everyone. Bring a bottle of wine or a six-pack, and come hungry because you’ll be cooking up a storm in our beautifully renovated kitchen. With our award-winning chef, you’ll learn new skills, recipes, and have the time of your life in a hands-on, family-style, eat-what-you-make class. Take a look at our upcoming class schedule located on our website and our Facebook page so you can call the store to reserve your spot. 



Our Private Classes

Want to have a party, but don’t know what to do? We’ve got an idea. Call the store to set up a meeting with Chef Russell. Together you will create a unique menu full of exciting cooking techniques and delicious food to wow your guests with—but this time, they’re cooking! From grown-ups looking to wine and dine to companies looking for team building exercises, we’ll make sure everyone has fun. Just check out the different class styles we offer.

· The Pass and Class: The first half of the night, we’ll make sure everyone’s got a drink in their hand while we pass some appetizers, then everyone comes back into the kitchen to get a hands-on cooking demonstration (and even more delicious food).

· The Classic Class: You’ll meet with our chef prior to your event and pick 4-5 recipes. The day of, you and your guests will arrive and get cooking! Everyone gets to participate, everyone makes every recipe, and you all get to eat what you make.

· The Mystery Box “Chopped” Competition: You and your guests will arrive and break yourselves into teams. Then, surprise! We’ve got a secret mystery box of ingredients for you! You’ll be given 3 or 4 exotic, crazy, atypical, delicious ingredients that you have to use all of when you create your own appetizers, sides, and entrees. Not expert cooks? Don’t worry, each team will be assigned a chef-mentor that will answer questions, help solve problems, and make sure you have everything you need to make a memorable dish. 

Come see why we’ve won Best of the Gold Coast for our cooking classes two years straight!

Up Coming Classes




Classes are $85.00 per person and non -refundable

Hand made pasta making: Thursday, October 3rd7:00PM

Learn what flours to use and not use. The eggs do make a difference and it’s all about the feel. We’ll learn the basics of both regular and whole wheat pasta dough. We will make handmade eggless pica with garlic, oregano and Romano, Potato Gnocchi that are like pillows with sage brown butter, Riccota Gnocchi with truffle cream, handmade tortellini with three cheese, veal agnolotti with white truffle butter.

Gastro-Pub Night: Thursday, October 17th7:00PM

Gastro-pubs are the best of both worlds: bar food andhigh-quality dining experiences. We’re going to show you the ins and outs of elevating bar food into fine dining. We’ll start with a goat cheese and pesto tower. Then lets go for seared gnocchi with brown butter and sage topped with truffles and greens. We’ll jump north of the border and make some bangin Poutine with cheese and gravy. We’ll end the night by deep frying bananas with home made Carmel and whipped cream. Bring your favorite beer or wine to have in between passion fruit bubble shots, blending in the culinary science movement known as molecular gastronomy. Alcohol, bar food, 

what could possibly be better?

Date Night (Seafood) Friday, October 25th7:00 PM

Date night is important ,so let’s not eat too heavy and fall asleep.  We will start out with Thai Curry Mussels with saffron white wine broth. Butter poached lobster salad is going to be delish. Let’s move on to ahi tuna tacos with tequila lime sauce. Steamed whole fish en papillote with vegetable ribbons. We’ll finish with something chocolate of course.

Bourbon for all: Saturday, Saturday, November 9th6:00 PM (Back by popular demand)

We all have heard “Bourbon makes everything better”. We are out to prove it in this class. Bourbon bacon jam (this will be your “go to” condiment). Honey bourbon flambéed shrimp with pickled jalapeno mango dip. Grilled cheese with bourbon baked onions. Honey bourbon chicken wings, bacon bourbon brownies. 

Thanksgiving Sides Friday, November 22nd7:00 PM (annual favorite)

This annual classic is back. Take the stress out of those side dishes that you have to bring to family.  We’ll start by making blistered Brussel sprouts with pancetta and maple syrup.  Corn bread stuffing with sausage and herbs is my personal favorite.  The perfect scalloped potatoes and of course we’ll show you how to kick up plain Jane mashed potatoes so you actually want to eat them.  Canned cranberry sauce is just nasty but the fresh stuff is delish and sure to be a hit.