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Cinch was the creation of Fairfield resident and life-long food enthusiast Shawn Russell and his wife, Kelly. His previous business allowed him to traverse the globe, visiting over thirty countries in places like Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, sampling all the local cuisine as he went. 

In the midst of his successful career, Shawn left his booming business to follow his true passion: cooking. As a student at one of the nation’s leading culinary schools, The Institute for Culinary Education in NYC, Shawn took an internship with Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine as a recipe creator and tester. 

After graduation, Shawn proceeded to win a finalist spot in the Asti Spumante Brindiamo cooking competition. This earned him a scholarship to study with The Italian Food Style Education Culinary Institute (IFSE) in Turin, Italy. 

With all that flavor and skill in mind, Shawn opened his flagship store Cinch Gourmet Meal Market to reach out to people like himself: the time-starved food-lover. The Meal Market provided hundreds of varieties of ready-to-eat meals that just required our customers to pick out what they wanted to heat, eat, and love. 

Shawn has now expanded and refined his culinary tradition. With his new store, simply Cinch, in the scenic Greenfield Hills area of Fairfield, Shawn’s getting down to what he loves: fresh pasta made daily, homemade sauces, specialty oils, high-end cheeses, and getting to share his stories and knowledge with his customers through catering and cooking classes.